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We have launched this platform to bring easy to follow installation guides for software. Not every user is advanced in technical abilities. That’s why we have started this platform where we are putting How to install software video guides. Which are really easy to follow for newbies as well.

Let us know if any of your favourite software guide is missing. We’ll create that guide as soon as possible for you. So that you no longer face difficulties in installation of advanced softwares.

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of APIs, also known as application programming interfaces. These interfaces are multimedia-related, and most frequently they are used for gaming and game development.

By using DirectX, you get a high-level interface that allows you to access low-level functions directly. DirectX also accesses the hardware abstraction layer in Windows.

Microsoft Update Catalog is a website that allows users to download Windows Updates manually. The service can be useful if you need to distribute a specific update on multiple PCs or if can’t download and install updates using the Windows Update feature.

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Task Manager is a special Windows application that works as a task manager, system monitor, and startup manager. The application allows you to see all your current processes and see their CPU, memory and disk usage. It also allows you to easily end a process that is unresponsive or using too much of your resources. If needed, you can also use the Task Manager to start any application on your PC.

Using the Task Manager you can also monitor your PC’s performance, startup applications, and active services. If needed, you can use the Task Manager to change the affinity of a process or its priority.

Sleep mode is a power-saving state that the computer enters in order to save power. When you enter Sleep mode, your PC will save all your currently opened applications and files to your RAM. After saving your data to RAM, all other components will be turned off.

Bear in mind that Safe Mode still uses some power, so it’s not completely turned off, and you disconnect the PC from the power supply you’ll lose your saved data. Regarding the benefits of Safe Mode, it allows you to almost instantly go back to your opened programs and continue where you left off. In addition, it’s a good way to save power, especially if you need to step away from your PC and get back in a couple of minutes.